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office chairs

The sophisticated ergonomic design of our chair range instantly responds to your body, movement, and posture to provide natural balance and total support.‎


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desk systems

Our systems are elegance, carefulness, and minimalism.‎ An operative program of desks with a design inspired by a western-style that aims to provide warm and simplistic workspaces.‎ The program has a wide range of operative and meeting room desks which allow the model to be incorporated into all spaces and needs, including solutions for senior management.


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waiting & sofas

At work and at home, we need communal spaces where we can connect with one another when it suits us, and work around one another when it doesn’t.‎ we offer different seats range with differents back heights to help create a varied landscape.‎ Use high-back stand-alone components to punctuate settings with moments of privacy, and low-back modules to create configurations that encourage collaboration.‎ Combine them to carve interesting topographies or to guide guests gracefully through space.


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